New Visa Regulations
Jun 16 , 2017

The Chinese government recently introduced new visa regulations regarding foreign teachers in China. These new regulations require teachers to notarize and legalize their documents prior to arrival. These documents are: original degree, original copy of a 120-hour TEFL or equivalent, and original copy of a police background check. These documents must be notarized by the home affairs department of your home country, and then legalized by the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country. Our recruitment and welfare team is on hand to guide you through the whole process and make it as smooth as possible. Contact the recruitment team on to arrange an interview for one of our China positions.

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Kenyan Expo
Jun 16 , 2017

In 2016 Shane English School China Director of Studies Rob Ansell spent six months volunteering in a rural Primary School in a village called Kambirwa, in the central province of Kenya. Throughout 2017, Shane is delighted to continue to support Roko 20 Academy by holding a series of events in its Shanghai Qingpu and Shanghai Jing’an locations. The first event in Qingpu attracted over 100 students and parents, who spent a fun evening experiencing life in Kenya – with a Kenyan canteen, Kenyan playground games, a VR safari, and even Swahili lessons. The event was rounded off with a short film about what life is like in Kenya for Primary School children. This meaningful event was very enjoyed by students and parents alike, and we look forward to holding similar events throughout the year to provide much needed funds for our Kenyan friends.

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Senior Teacher Training, Spring 2017
May 10 , 2017

Earlier this week – April 17th and 18th – teachers from all over the east coast came to Shanghai to take part in the first round of 2017 Senior Teacher training. Over two full days of workshops, discussion and role play tasks, new and prospective Senior Teachers from Yangzhou, Hefei, Ningbo and others learned about the role of the ST, how to continue their own professional development, how to observe and give constructive feedback, how to plan effective workshops, and how to support new teachers from interview to the first few days in the classroom, and beyond. These teachers will now head back to their own schools to take their first steps in academic management, and pass on their own experience and expertise to their team of teachers. Senior Teacher training will run again in late summer, along with Academic Manager training, and we look forward to developing the next generation of Shane managers.

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Mar 30 , 2017
TEYL Training for New teachers
24th April - 26th April TEYL Training for New teachers
Mar 30 , 2017
Senior Teacher Training
17th April - 18th April
Jan 10 , 2017
Chinese New Year holiday
27th January - 3rd February