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At Shane English China, we cater mainly to a younger student base, so most of our students are between the ages of 3 and 16. However, depending on your location, we may run special courses specifically designed for adults.

Our teaching methodology is learning through play. Students engage in fun activities that motivate them to learn and speak English. 

These are also the most rewarding classes that you will ever teach because you will be able to see your students transform before your very eyes. You will come away from this experience with amazing appreciation of China and a lifetime of fond memories.

Pre– Kindergarten (3 - 4 years old)

This is really an exciting age group to teach. They absorb so much and they get attached so easily. Don’t be surprised by a sudden hug out of the blue. With lots of energy and excitement, watch them as they discover the wonderful world of English. The curriculum has been specifically designed to stimulate their imagination. With our book series, Hello Leo, you’ll be heading off on a fantastic adventure!

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Kindergarten (5 - 7 years old)

Continue on your adventure with Leo and friends. Students at this age are capable of doing great things. Re-live your childhood through their eyes and discover the amazing world around you. Packed full of activities, these books have been put together after years of research. Watch as your students take their first steps into reading and writing in another language.

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Shane English School is a well-respected, reputable training centre with schools in many locations across China and worldwide. We pride ourselves on our friendly working environment and on the way we support our teachers. We offer full training and orientation, with ongoing academic and welfare support at every step.


Whether you’re looking for a teaching job in a large city, or in a more traditional smaller location, we have something for you! Our students are bright, fun and inquisitive, and our teachers and local staff are friendly and supportive. We offer a fantastic environment to learn and develop as a first time teacher, with many career development opportunities for experienced teachers.


We are currently looking for teachers in these locations:

Shanghai - the modern heart of China

Hangzhou- wonderful west Lake

Kunshan - Nice small city very close to Shanghai

Yuxi - in beautiful Yunnan province

Suqian - a very friendly, rapidly-growing school in Jiangsu

Shaoxing - a new school in a beautiful, traditional Chinese town

Liyang - by stunning Tianmu Lake

Changzhou - China’s home of DINOSAURS

Wuxi - a second-tier city just minutes from Shanghai

Lanzhou - the home of noodles in exotic far-west China

Zhangjiagang- the nice city in Jiangsu province


Our teachers teach for no more than 25 hours per week (average is less than 20 hours), and we don’t schedule office hours. This gives you plenty of time to explore, study Chinese or learn a new hobby here in China.


We offer the following salary and benefits:


Salary and Benefits

- a competitive starting salary
- an additional housing allowance of 1,500 RMB per month 
- generous end-of-contract bonuses, including a completion bonus of 5,000 RMB, a performance bonus of 5,000 RMB and a re-signing bonus of 5,000 RMB 
- 22 days paid leave 
- health insurance reimbursement of 1,300 RMB 
- airport pick-up, hotel accommodation for the first few nights, and ongoing welfare support 
- support with set-up costs (including housing deposit) available 
- full orientation and on-boarding process and ongoing training and development 
- advancement opportunities throughout the company 
- full support from Western academic management 
- weekly Chinese classes 
- regular social events 
- sponsored working visa and FEC

Actual salary will depend on location, and has been calculated to allow a comfortable standard of living, as well as the opportunity to save.

We welcome applications from:

- native speakers from the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Canada, the USA, New Zealand and Australia (for visa reasons) 
- teachers holding a 120 hour TEFL certificate (or equivalent). Candidates without a TEFL certificate are still encouraged to apply, as we can arrange for this qualification to be taken on arrival in Shanghai 
- teachers holding a bachelors' degree in any subject (must be notarized) 
- anyone who is willing to make a one year (minimum) commitment to helping our young students achieve their dreams while getting to know this amazing city

If you are interested in joining our team, please email us at We will schedule an interview with a member of our academic team. Please provide all available documents, along with a recent CV and brief introduction.

Applicants who do not meet all of the above criteria are welcome to apply, though only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.



May 31 , 2018

Lower Primary (7 - 9)

More aware of language learning, these students are capable of doing a lot. Students learn to become more expressive. Now, they are able to give you insight into what happens in their daily lives. Highly imaginative, these students love to make up funny stories.

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Higher Primary to Junior (10 and up)

Guide your students through different cultures and how they compare to China. Courses at this level are more text centric. This is your opportunity to build their speaking skills with discussions, debates and role-plays.

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Adult students are usually professionals or university students who interested in improving their skills for personal reasons. We have a range of courses on offer but most these classes will happen on a one to one basis.

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