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At Shane English China, we cater mainly to a younger student base, so most of our students are between the ages of 3 and 16. However, depending on your location, we may run special courses specifically designed for adults.

Our teaching methodology is learning through play. Students engage in fun activities that motivate them to learn and speak English. 

These are also the most rewarding classes that you will ever teach because you will be able to see your students transform before your very eyes. You will come away from this experience with amazing appreciation of China and a lifetime of fond memories.

Pre– Kindergarten (3 - 4 years old)

This is really an exciting age group to teach. They absorb so much and they get attached so easily. Don’t be surprised by a sudden hug out of the blue. With lots of energy and excitement, watch them as they discover the wonderful world of English. The curriculum has been specifically designed to stimulate their imagination. With our book series, Hello Leo, you’ll be heading off on a fantastic adventure!

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Kindergarten (5 - 7 years old)

Continue on your adventure with Leo and friends. Students at this age are capable of doing great things. Re-live your childhood through their eyes and discover the amazing world around you. Packed full of activities, these books have been put together after years of research. Watch as your students take their first steps into reading and writing in another language.

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How old are the students?

At Shane English, we teach students between the ages of 3 and 16. Teacher will generally have a mix of classes that cover all ages. Some schools may offer adult classes and we have just launched our Jelly Bean Social Club for students aged 2 to 3.


How many students are there per class?

At our main schools, class size is capped at 16. On average there are about 10 students per class. At our outside locations (kindergartens, public schools), class size may vary between 25 and 40 students.


How long are classes usually?

The average class time is 90 minutes. Two 45 minute sessions with a 10 minute break. Class times range between 25 minutes to 45 minutes at our outside locations.


Will there be a Teaching Assistant in the classroom?

All our in-house classes have teaching assistants. We do not have teaching assistants at our outside locations but you may ask the class teacher for assistance if necessary.


Does Shane English provide a curriculum?

We will provide you with all the necessary materials to teach your classes. These will include books, course guides, CDs and software (where necessary).


What is a typical schedule at Shane English?

Depending on the school and contract, teachers may teach between 16 and 25 hours a week. The weekend is our busiest period, so most of the teaching will happen on Saturday and Sunday. Teachers will cover the rest of the hours during the week (either by going to outside locations or teaching evening classes).


If I work on the weekend, when do I get time off work?

Teachers will have consecutive days off during the week.

Dec 23 , 2015

Lower Primary (7 - 9)

More aware of language learning, these students are capable of doing a lot. Students learn to become more expressive. Now, they are able to give you insight into what happens in their daily lives. Highly imaginative, these students love to make up funny stories.

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Higher Primary to Junior (10 and up)

Guide your students through different cultures and how they compare to China. Courses at this level are more text centric. This is your opportunity to build their speaking skills with discussions, debates and role-plays.

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Adult students are usually professionals or university students who interested in improving their skills for personal reasons. We have a range of courses on offer but most these classes will happen on a one to one basis.

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